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Pro Perks: A Few Updates

We’re always working to ensure you get the best Pro perks possible, year after year! And with our transparency policy, YOU are the one to know about any and all updates as soon as we do 💜

Recently, both Xbox and PlayStation introduced changes to their subscription offers and, unfortunately, such events are out of our control. That being said, our goal is to have you, the customer, always come out on top, so we’re responding to these unforeseen circumstances with one word: FLEXIBILITY!

  1. Xbox: we’re replacing the Game Pass Ultimate subscription with a $25 Xbox gift card. Spend it however you like!

  2. PlayStation: we’re replacing the PlayStation Plus subscription with a $25 PS gift card. Again, buyer’s choice!

We strive to adapt and infallibly provide value to our customers – regardless of what the world throws at us! And remember: if you pay for those subscriptions with your Mana card, whole lotta points will come your way 💰


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