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Beta Testing Launch & Roadmap!

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

The time has come! We’re SO HYPED to announce the start of external beta tests for Mana App!!!

Who gets the beta access? Right now, the first 1,000 people who signed up for Mana Waitlist, with other users following shortly after!

How do I know if I’m included? You’ll get a super-special email! Make sure you check spam and other long-forgotten inbox categories.

What exactly do we get to test? Everything except for the Rewards Program which will become available at the public launch! You will be able to open the checking account with us & receive the card you opted for, as well as get access to the Mana App! We need your help weeding any potentially remaining bugs, ensuring functionality, testing the Shop, and so much more 🤝

Didn’t get an email (SADFACE), so when is it MY turn?! Soon! Pro Pre-orders is the next group we’re going to onboard sometime after the first 1000 users. If you don’t have Mana Pro yet, there’s still time to grab it at the discount price and get earlier access to Mana!

Great, but I’d rather stick to regular Mana for now. When do I get to join the fun? That’s okay because the beta access for Pro Pre-orders isn’t going to take long! The following phase after Pro users will include Waitlist users. The more Waitlist points you accrued, the faster you’ll get in!

And the last, but by no means least, the PUBLIC LAUNCH! The fanfares and the general access happen here! We estimate it’s not going to be a long wait between the first 1000 beta start and the public launch :)

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who hopped on the Mana hype train, be it on the first day we announced, by pre-ordering Mana Pro, or by simply signing up for the Waitlist. We seriously can’t wait to show you everything we made!


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