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Creator Highlights: Nov 17

Welcome to another installment of influencer shoutouts! Let’s hear it for these four incredible personalities teaming up with us 💜


If you like military simulation games such as Ready or Not, Squad, Escape from Tarkov and all that good stuff, check out KarmaKut – and stay for an immersive and tactical teamwork experience of his gameplay. Find him on YouTube, Twitch and Instagram!

Press Start To Laugh

It’s called Press Start to Laugh for a reason. This YouTube channel showcases a wide variety of games, but most of the videos follow the same idea: “What if (insert character’s name) talked in (insert game)?”. Press Start To Laugh has amassed a following of over 233K on their channel by adding their own comedic dialogue to the character's point of view (for example “What if Steve talked in Minecraft?” or “What if DOOM guy talked?”). If you feel like lighthearted gameplay or a good laugh, you know what to do ('s in the name).


ZexyZek is a mega-popular gamer with over 2.57 million YouTube subscribers and over 451.4K followers on TikTok. You might remember him from back in the day when he made his Minecraft trolling videos, but now his focus is on pulling off impossible moves in games like Skate 3 and BMX.


How about some hilarious VR content? Malachichi’s VR chat videos on YouTube feature anime characters like like Naruto, My Hero Academia, and more. He also uploads clips of his gameplay and funny moments on TikTok, so head there if you’re down for some impromptu laughs!

Big thanks to our partners! More to come next week 😊


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