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Dead Space Alive in 2023

(Image credit: EA)

Dare we open with the most classic of the classic lines? Yeah, we do: in space, no one can hear you scream. But come 2023, your family/roommates/neighbors certainly will.

Remember that one sci-fi/horror game that blew the minds of space spooks fans in 2008? ...aside from Bus Simulator. Dead Space. Oh, the goosebumps. Successfully emulating the particular kind of fear only the Alien franchise could induce before, Dead Space was a gem of the genre; from following a believable, vulnerable protagonist, to a great and detailed backstory mixing 2001: A Space Odyssey with Resident Evil, to extremely satisfying visuals and enemy designs, EA did an excellent job on this one.

On to today's good news: Dead Space is getting a total overhaul! As announced on today's (5/12) stream, Dead Space remake should hit the shelves in January 2023, with full gameplay to be revealed as soon as this October. Aiming to refresh the game to make it an equally impactful experience for today's gamers, EA is promising "unprecedented levels of immersion", and we, for one, are G-I-D-D-Y 🤭

Have you played any of the original Dead Space games? Let us know! You can catch up with the art devs' stream here.


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