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Everything Announced at the Gamescom Opening Night Live

The Gamescom Opening Night Live started the iconic gaming convention in Germany with all the bells and whistles! Here’s our recap of everything that was announced during the ONL:

Announcements & Reveals

  • Everywhere – ex-Rockstar developer, Leslie Benzies, offered the first look at the incredible open-world experience of Everywhere.

  • Moving Out 2 – the sequel to an adorable “couch co-op” is in the works, as shown by this short-but-sweet trailer!

  • New Tales From the Borderlands – true, it had been announced back in April (and then leaked again a week before Gamescom), but today we finally saw the official reveal trailer, as well as the release date of October 21! That’s like, right around the corner!

  • Tortuga: A Pirate’s Tale – aside from the brief glimpse we got to see at ONL, we’re yet to learn more about this title.

  • Sonic Frontiers – brought in a new trailer and confirmed the release date of November 8.

  • Under the Waves – a visually stunning, story-driven adventure revolving around an oil company diver in the 1970s was announced and shown for the first time.

  • Moonbreakertake a look at this digital tabletop game written by the legendary author Brandon Sanderson.

  • Stranded: Alien Dawn – a “planet survival sim”, Alien Dawn was presented with an incredible cinematic trailer.

  • Atlas Fallen – there are monsters and is the weapon, and we’re not going to make that Anakin joke. Watch the trailer instead.

  • Killer Klowns From Outer Space – the iconic 80’s horror franchise (that couldn’t scream 80’s more) joins the club of classic slashers-turned-games. Enjoy it with friends in a 3v7 format in early 2023.

  • Wyrdsong – despite a Norse component in the title, the upcoming open-world RPG from ex-Bethesda Jeff Gardiner takes place in an alternative version of historical Portugal. It’s dark, it’s filled strange entities and conspiracies, and it’s not coming soon enough.

  • Age of Empires 4: Ottomans & Malians – an expansion of the 4th installment in the legendary RTS series will add two new civilizations to the faction pool.

  • Gotham Knights – more villains, less waiting, according to the trailer shown at Opening Night Live! The game releases early on October 21.

  • Where Winds Meet – in this absolutely gorgeous world of Medieval China the player may become just about anybody, from joining various kingdoms to pursuing a medical career.

  • Park Beyond – if you’re into simulators, this one lets you build your own amusement park; watch it happen!

  • Phantom Hellcat – a hack’n’slash set in a cursed theater? That’s the proposal of the newly created developer Ironbird Creations and it looks hella good.

  • Dead Island 2 – how long has it been? Long. It took 8 years, but we finally got a gameplay trailer AND the release date of February 3!

New Trailers & Gameplay

  • Dune Awakening – watch the newest trailer of the survival MMO set in the Dune universe

  • Callisto Protocol – a new portion of solid horror gameplay

  • Marauders – the tactical FPS confirmed the early access release for October; watch the new gameplay footage

  • Lords of the Fallen – Hexwork Studio got rid of the “2” in the title and presented a brand new trailer for the dark, Soulslike title

  • Hogwarts Legacy – this time the trailer focuses on the story

  • Dying Light 2: Bloody Tiesnew trailer for the first major story expansion


  • Homeworld 3 – new gameplay for the third installment of the legendary sci-fi franchise

  • Genshin Impact: Sumeru Region first look at the new characters, powers, and location

  • The Expanse more of the story from the upcoming Telltale Games sci-fi title

  • Scars Above – another (but much darker) sci-fi title on the list got another trailer demonstrating the gameplay and the story

  • Warhammer 40k Darktide – look at all those customization options!

  • Blacktail – see the duality of witchcraft in the new trailer for the Baba Yaga-inspired game

  • Outlast Trials – the ultimate horror series delivered the freshest look at the closed beta

Keep an eye out for our Future Games Show (powered by us! 😉) coverage to learn about everything announced there! FGS kicks off tomorrow – see the times & ways to watch 💜


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