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Go Pro Like a Pro and Get EVEN MORE Out of Mana!

How has your Waitlist experience been so far? Better than good, we hope! To make it better yet, let’s talk Mana Pro 😎

Mana just keeps on giving, but with Pro you can get even more out of the whole adventure! More points back on purchases and subscriptions. More perks you’ll actually make use of that renew annually. More power right in your hands.

Here’s a quick look at the goodies Mana Pro comes with:

  • Discord Nitro Classic, 1 Year Subscription – no need to introduce those guys! The ultimate chat and community-building tool.

  • FitGMR Pro, 1 Year Subscription – wellness and nutrition designed specifically for gamers. Forget the back pains and performance anxiety before tourneys!

  • Surfshark VPN, 1 Year Subscription – need we really explain the importance of your data’s safety? Surfshark is our go-to digital security expert!

  • 3D Aim Trainer Elite, 1 Year Subscription – amp up your aim with personalized skill assessment, score more headshots, be the team’s MVP.

  • FirstBlood Premium, 1 Year Subscription – tournaments with prizes for every skill level in games like DOTA2, PUBG, Warzone, and Rainbow Six Siege.

More? Of course there’s more. Mana Pro further increases the amounts of Mana and GamePlay points you can get!

  • 5X points on gaming and entertainment subscriptions!

  • 3X points on gaming purchases in the Mana Shop!

  • Up to 500 GamePlay points! (GP points hold the same financial value as Mana – $0.01 – but are earned just by playing games, no transactions necessary)

Curious which subscriptions will get you 5X Mana or what’s the value of each perk? Want to know how exactly Mana Pro saves you money? Find aaaaall the answers here 👉

To upgrade your card to Pro, simply log in to your Waitlist account at and click “Upgrade to Pro!”. And don’t forget: 40% off Mana Pro ends with the Waitlist at the end of June 2022!


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