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Happy Pride Month 2023 from Mana!

Happy Pride Month, Mana fam! To celebrate this month of dedication, we gathered some of our favorite LGTBQIA+ video game characters in an unordered list!

Caitlyn And Vi (League of Legends)

Image credit: Riot Games

Is it cheating to list them in the same entry? Maybe, but after watching Arcane, we just couldn’t resist! Caitlyn and Vi are two confirmed lesbian champions in the hit MOBA League of Legends, who are quite possibly the fanbase’s favorite ship in the game. They are incredibly fun champions to play as well, with Caitlyn being a deadly, long-range sniper, and Vi being an all-in style brawler!

(League of Legends is a partnered game of Mana)

Catalyst (Apex Legends)

Image credit: Electronic Arts

A staple of the Apex Legends meta since her debut in Season 15, Catalyst is a “controller” class legend who brings a great defensive asset to her team. She is also the first trans woman to be included into Apex Legends’ expanding roster. Not only is Catalyst herself transgender, but her voice actress Meli Grant is transgender as well. Given how respectfully designed Catalyst is, we can’t help but include her as one of our favorites on this list.

(Apex Legends is a partnered game of Mana)

Raze and Killjoy (Valorant)

Image credit: Riot Games

The first canonically queer couple in Riot Games’ shooter-game Valorant, Raze and Killjoy are an extremely popular and beloved ship. And after seeing this downright incredible official art, we knew that these two were a shoo-in for this list. The characters are two of our favorite characters to use in-game as well, with Killjoy being an agent who provides crucial flank protection, and Raze being one of the most explosive agents in the game.

(Valorant is a partnered game of Mana)

K'Sante (League of Legends)

Image credit: Riot Games

Last year's most exciting addition to the game, K'Sante is a canonically gay champion. Equipped with his incredibly designed ntofos, K'Sante is one of the most exciting and unique brawlers in the game. In addition to being one of the confirmed gay characters in League of Legends, K'Sante is also designed by gay singer/songwriter, Lil Nas X.

Tracer (Overwatch 2)

Image credit: Blizzard

What list of LGBTQIA+ video game characters could hope to be complete without Tracer? Don’t worry, the cavalry is here 😉. One of the most iconic characters in the series, Tracer is an outright exhilarating character to play, dashing through the battle field and reversing time! She is also a canonically lesbian character, as evidenced by this adorable comic!


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