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How to Grow as a Streamer: Pt 1

So you like to stream your gameplay, hmm? GOOD! B/c we love to watch them 😭🎮🙏

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a total newbie – it’s always good to keep your finger on the pulse, see what others are doing & look for opportunities to enhance your videos. We’ve gathered the top tips, tricks & techniques to enhance your streamer lifestyle!


As a streamer of ANY kind, it’s not just the game you’re sharing – it’s your personality too!! Be who you are and make yourself accessible (within limit of course! Boundaries are important 👌) by:

  1. Including a business email address on all social media

  2. Linking your other social media + streaming accounts on all platforms you use

  3. If you’re looking for partnerships, keep your DMs open! It sure means filtering out SPAM from the real deal, but you might have some great opportunities come your way!


It can be easy to get sucked into your game to the point where you aren’t interacting with your audience anymore! Try to find a balance between talking TOO much (forgetting to breathe, yelling into the mic… you know the type!), and keeping completely quiet (and scaring off potential newcomers with a resting, uh, witch face).

Continue to respond to messages in the chat, acknowledge new subscribers, interact with your surroundings, and let your viewers know what you’re thinking as you play! Don’t forget to crack a dad joke now and then – as you know, we live for those.

Your audience will be able to find more ways to connect with you the more you share.


Never shy away from testing equipment before going live. Is your mic quality ok? Will your viewers hear the hammer drill-addicted neighbor? How about your lighting? Test all the things to make sure your live stream runs smoothly.

If you really want to optimize your stream, turn your camera on beforehand and make sure your background is as clean, or as busy, as you’d like it to be. Check if your clothes get “green screened” (you probably don’t want to just look like a floating head! Or maybe you do 🤔), and hide anything you wouldn’t want your mom to see!


Our BEST tip of all

Stay tuned for part 2 where some incredible streamers will be jumping in to share their tips with you!


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