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How to Grow as a Streamer: Pt 2

They play video games for a living. They go live and people swarm to just chat with them. They have brands lining up for partnerships. Who wouldn’t want to be a streamer?!

They do what they love – and so can you!

We asked some of our favorite influencers for the best tips to start your channel right away! Today’s intel scooped by:

💜 Kashman

💜 Spragels

💜 Surf

💜 Dramatic

💜 Zanadood

💜 BigRobEnergy

Be sure to check out their pages if you’re not already following along & thank them for sharing their expertise. 🤘

Mana: What is your must-have equipment for live streaming?

Kashman: “Most important piece of equipment is a good mic. There are a lot of solid starter mics for under $50. It makes the biggest difference to the viewing experience!”

Zanadood: “I think a must-have for live streaming would be a decent microphone. I know many people listen to streams when doing other activities so to have your voice be clear and sounding good would allow those people a better listening experience!”

Rob: “For live streaming, I’d say the first priority should be to make sure your internet connection is strong enough to put out a smooth stream. If your stream is choppy, people will NOT stick around, no questions asked.”

Good news: when Mana launches at the end of summer, you’ll find plenty of useful hardware in our Shop!

Mana: What's something you thought you needed for being a streamer but you never use?

Spragels: “You can spend so much time making cool overlays and transition screens and they are for sure cool but I don't think you need to worry about that early on at all.”

Surf: “High production, the most important thing is starting with what you have.”

Rob: “This is a great question! I’d say the two RGB flood lights I used to have behind me. I figured if I added color and made the scene visually more appealing, that specifically would help me hold onto viewers and my stream would grow, but I soon realized that people stick around for YOU and truly don’t care about those types of things at all.”

Mana: How does streaming consistently VS spontaneously impact your experience as a streamer?

Kashman: “Consistency is the most important aspect of live streaming PERIOD! This does not mean you have to stream everyday, just have a set schedule and stick to it. This can be once a week, once a month, once a day, whatever you prefer and can commit to. It is important to build that habitual routine with your viewers.”

Surf: “Consistency is key, it's like a show time. When people know when and where to find you they will be there more frequently.“

Dramatic: “Streaming when I feel like it and focusing on YouTube keeps streaming as a treat. Makes my energy higher and makes me more excited to stream.”

Mana: How can streamers make their setup feel professional but fun and functional?

Spragels: “I really think just keeping it simple is the way to go. You can get all the bells and whistles as you progress.”

Dramatic: “Nice lighting, second monitor to see chat, a nice background for everyone to look at.”

Rob: “I’d say stick to your heart and try to incorporate colors and things you’re passionate about in your stream and channel aesthetic. Aside from aesthetics, I’d try to make navigation as clear as possible on your channel … don’t use fonts that are hard to read and colors that don’t mix well - keep it simple and to the point. Your goal is to get people to click the links, not think you’re cooler because of how big your panel section is lol.

Mana: If you could give new creators only one tip, what would it be?

Kashman: “Best tip I have for creators is to just start creating. I know it can be intimidating. … Even Mr. Beast had to start somewhere and so do you. … Think about what you can do today to make your content a little better than it was yesterday. This could be reading a marketing book, taking an online course on content creation, learning how to edit videos and thumbnails, seeing how you can make your intros better, practicing your speaking abilities, etc.”

Surf: “My biggest tip for new creators is to just do it, and don't overthink. Getting started is that hardest part.”

Rob: “Stay true to yourself and your interests. Don’t chase trends and act a certain way ONLY because you see the “top streamers” doing it. That works for them and their audience, but you have a totally different dynamic with you and your audience. Stick to what you love, show your personality, talk about your interests, and over time you’ll build an audience of like-minded individuals that are all into the same stuff, and NOW you have a true community, but it starts with YOU being YOU. I’m not sure if I’ve ever actually seen anyone copy someone else and end up being successful. They just live in their shadows forever. Be yourself, be kind to others, be consistent, and you’ll be good!”

Part 3 coming soon -- featuring EVEN MORE responses to even MORE questions from all-star gaming creators you know & love! ⭐🎮


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