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Legendary Dads In Video Games!

Happy Father’s Day from all of us here at Mana! To honor all of the amazing Mana Dads in our family, we gathered some of our favorite fathers and father figures in video games!

Lee Everett (Telltale’s The Walking Dead)

Who else would’ve even stood a chance competing with Lee for the first spot on this list? One of the most widely beloved video game characters of this century, Lee Everett is the protagonist of the first season of The Walking Dead. Acting as Clementine’s guardian, the two desperately fight to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. The way he makes sure to always support and look out for Clementine truly makes him one of the best father figures in gaming.

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Johnny Cage (Mortal Kombat)

Here’s Johnny (Cage!) A Hollywood movie star and deceptively capable fighter, Johnny Cage is one of the most popular characters in the hit fighting game franchise Mortal Kombat. A mainstay since the first game (which is receiving a reboot this year,) it’s only recently that Johnny Cage became a father. His daughter Cassie Cage has only been around as a playable character for a few games now, but their interactions together are awesome enough for him to earn a spot on this list!

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Goku (Dragon Ball)

The father of Gohan and Goten, the Dragon Ball series protagonist was an easy shoo-in for this list. In fact, we’d even go so far as to say that there was over a 9,000% chance he was going to be on this list. One of the most popular characters in the franchise, Goku is a great father to his two sons, and the three often play a crucial role in defending the Earth from evildoers.

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Ethan Winters (Resident Evil)

Since becoming the Resident Evil franchise’s primary protagonist in the past few installments, many fans have come to love Ethan Winters’ love for his daughter Rosemary. His love for his daughter is so strong that he travels through a terrifying village of werewolves and vampires to save her when she’s abducted. How could we possibly warrant omitting him from a top fathers list after that?

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Joel Miller (The Last of Us)

Last (of us) but certainly not least, Joel Miller is one half of one of the most iconic duos in gaming history. Acting as a father figure to Ellie Williams in a zombie apocalypse, Joel is a hardened man who would move heaven and earth for the few that he truly loves. Throughout the course of the games (and show) he goes through so much in the name of Ellie’s safety, which earns him a spot on this list!

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