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Making the Most out of Mana 💎 Vol. 2

App Navigation Guide!

Since the Mana App is ✨brand-spanking new✨, we've created this guide so you know all the in's & out's of our app.

Don't miss out on perks, quests, thousands of shop products & more! 🎮


Open the Mana App and click the card in the top left corner for an overview of how to earn points.

Pro users can also take advantage of their pro perks through this screen.


You can deposit funds into your account via a bank transfer and direct deposit. Want another option? Check out PT1 for a 💰transfer hack! PS. Instant deposit coming in a few days!!!


Head on over to the "Games" tab to connect your accounts and earn Mana points for playing your favorite games!


Click on "SHOP" to scroll through the Mana shop. You can use your Mana points to buy gift cards, games and hardware!

Can't decide? Check out the weekly Shop Showcase!


Click on the search option in the top right corner of the shop to find exactly what you're looking for: Hardware, Games, or specific gift cards!

Happy Mana earning & spending!


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