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🥳 Mana 1.6 Is Out!

Finally, we can share the hype! Read on to see what's included in Update 1.6 😊 Remember that App Store and Google Play roll out updates gradually, so it may take up to 24h before it's available for some folks!

Mana in your digital wallet

Order your card in the app and instantly add the virtual version to your Apple or Google Wallet!* There are two ways to do it:

  • Card Settings: navigate to the My Account menu in the top-right corner of the Mana app. Head to Card Settings and the "Add to Wallet" button will appear at the bottom of your screen.

  • Monthly Progress: tap your Mana card in the top left corner of the home screen to see your monthly progress and add Mana to your digital wallet from there.

Mana Shop search filters

Find exactly what you've been looking for! Enter the Mana shop and click on the search bar at the top of the screen. You can now use filters to narrow your search!

*The only exception are customers who ordered the card before this update, but haven't activated it yet; those of you need to await the physical card.


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