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Mana Fortnite Giveaway!

Yo listen up, here’s a story about a little guy that lives in a purple world – or, in other words, MANA HAS ITS OWN TWO MAPS IN #FORTNITE FOR THE MONTH OF AUGUST!

This is not a joke, not a drill, and not a gaming all-nighter sleep deprivation hallucination! For a limited time, you get to explore the Mana dimension and become the last Mana-bender (at least the last one still standing). To celebrate that, we’re giving away:

  • 3x merch kits

  • 1x Mana Pro subscription

  • 3x $10 in Mana

How to enter:

  1. The giveaway takes place only on Twitter!

  2. Tweet a screenshot or picture of your Fortnite match played on either Mana map for a chance to win a merch kit and $10 in Mana! Remember to tag @paywithmana and include #playwithmana 🤩 EXTRA! Tweet a screenshot of the hidden Mana graffiti for an additional chance to win a year of Mana Pro! Again, remember to tag us and use the #playwithmana.

  3. You must be 18 (or the legal age of your state) and residing in the US.

  4. You must be the author of the screenshot. Tweeting pictures posted by other users = disqualification!

  5. Participating in the giveaway is equivalent to accepting the full ToS.

How to access maps:

🔥 Lava Parkour Map

👉 Load Fortnite

👉 Go on the Creative Menu and select “Lava Parkour” or go straight to Island Code and enter the code: 4849-8071-1187

👉 Explore the Mana Map, collect the 5 Mana Crystals and unlock a unique power-up!

🔝 Elevate Hub

👉 Load Fortnite

👉 Go on the Creative Menu and select “Elevate Hub” or go straight to Island Code and enter the code: 4225-6715-2194

👉 Explore the Mana Map and talk to the NPC to unlock additional XP

Good luck & see you on the (purple) battlefield!


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