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Mana Holiday Streaming Guide

POV: you’re subscribed to every single streaming service Mana covers. Now, that’s a lot of movies and shows to go through… instead of frantically browsing for the spot-on holiday flicks, let us point you to the fun ones!

Prime Video

If you’re old enough to open an account with us, you’re old enough for Krampus! Part quality horror, part dark comedy, and part weirdly cozy Christmas movie, it follows the Engel family whose European roots expose them to a demon from Old World folklore: the titular Krampus. The Engels’ squabbling and lack of the holiday spirit warrant a visit from the creature, and coals in their stockings will be the least of their worries! Stay merry and listen to your grandma.

Too many kids present? Switch to Rugrats, specifically the first episode of season 4 titled Chanukah. The well-loved cartoon explores the origins of the holiday, traditional food and activities while never losing the flagship humor and charm.


Here’s a double treat sure to keep all your guests entertained: The Christmas Chronicles and The Christmas Chronicles 2 ! Kurt Russel is a no-nonsense St. Nic who gets positively derailed by two kids: Teddy, who fell in with the bad crowd, and his younger sister Kate, ready to go as far as blackmail to keep up the holiday spirit. What follows is both a hilarious and heartfelt operation to save Christmas.

Jack Frost is a classic most of us grew up on. A former rock star played by Michael Keaton makes for a lousy dad, but gets a chance for redemption after being reincarnated as a snowman; and as much as we’re sure everyone and their dog saw this movie at least once, it never fails to bring good laughs and a few tears!


No, as far as we’re concerned, one does not simply escape the MCU! Why would you if there’s The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special ready to be streamed? Watch Mantis and Drax, full of good intentions, try and procure the perfect holiday present for Peter — the present that happens to be… Kevin Bacon. Yeah, the actor. What could go wrong in the heart of Los Angeles?

For a handful of family evenings in front of the TV, The Santa Clauses mini-series that premiered earlier in November quickly became a favorite. Santa, now about to turn 65, realizes it might be time to retire… but there’s the question of a worthy successor and preparing his family to move from the North pole.


For those of us who still miss Robin Williams (which is, like, everyone?), Merry Friggin’ Christmas is the holiday staple filled with giggles, sniffles and nostalgia, as the movie was one of Williams’ last roles. Joel McHale is Boyd who, together with his family, must spend the holidays with his estranged relatives. Upon realizing he left all the gifts for his son back home, Boyd and his eccentric dad (Williams) are stuck together in an 8-hour roundtrip, racing to retrieve the presents before Christmas morning.

Not in the mood for touchy-feely? Into the Dark: Pooka! is the third installment in Hulu and Blumhouse’s series of holiday-themed horror films. Pooka, an eerie toy that’s all the new craze, repeats back whatever kids say to it… or it doesn’t. Or maybe it does, but in a really creepy voice. Enter Wilson, a jobless actor, who ends up wearing a Pooka costume in a toy store to entertain the little customers — a gig easy enough, until Wilson realizes he doesn’t know anymore where he ends and Pooka begins.

Also, Die Hard is on Hulu too. We felt like you should know.


This is your to-go service for the black-and-white holiday classics, but for a full load of nostalgia, tune to A Christmas Story Christmas, this year’s sequel to the beloved 1983 flick. Taking place in the 1970s, it sees adult Ralphie taking his kids to his childhood home on Cleveland Street where he will recreate the magical Christmas experience of his youth, reconnect with old friends and work through the loss of his father. Sequels don’t always live up to their predecessors, but this one makes for an endearing family watch!

For more of a wildly hilarious experience, stream Elf, a Will Ferrell staple. Ferrell stars as Buddy who was accidentally teleported to the North Pole as a toddler and raised among Santa’s elves. Not really feeling like he belongs, childish Buddy embarks on a journey to New York (elf outfit and all) to find his biological father — as it turns out, a cynical businessman. Forging a relationship between the two will not come easily…


More Will Ferrell? He’s in Daddy’s Home 2, together with Mark Wahlberg, John Cena, and Mel Gibson. Brad and Dusty, the now-reformed dads from the first movie, are co-parenting Dusty’s kids and decide to spend the holidays with the entire family. That, however, involves their own fathers, Don and Kurt, showing up… goodwill and patience will be tested.

We started on a creepy note, let’s wrap up with a chiller too! Mercy Christmas, a horror comedy filled with dark, dark humor, follows Michael, a guy who might have just met the perfect woman. His dreams come true as she invites him to spend the holidays with her family — until Michael realizes that he’s the main course.

That’s it from us, merry binging and Mana-raking!


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