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Mana Update 1.8: Manual Direct Deposit Now Available!

All Mana users have the option to set up direct deposit and earn Mana points while celebrating pay day 🎉

In the event that the connection fails to pair successfully, users can take advantage of the new fallback option of setting up direct deposit manually. This ensures that users are not left helpless and can still enjoy the benefits of the service.

In order to set up direct deposit manually, users will need to follow a few simple steps which are outlined below. This new feature provides users with greater flexibility and convenience, making the service even more valuable!

To access this option…

  1. Open the Mana App

  2. Go through the direct deposit flow per usual.

  3. If the connection does not pair, you’ll see an option for manual direct deposit

  4. Follow the steps on the screen to connect your payment to your Mana account

Want to check it out for yourself?

Click this link from your mobile device to open the Mana app 🤩


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