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New Ambassador Program!

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Like money? Like Mana? How about we pay you to talk about us?

We just partnered with Xsolla to give our Ambassador Program a solid revamp! Get your personalized link, share it with your friends and audience, and earn up to $25 for each person you refer 💸


  • install ($2.50)

  • complete signup ($2.50)

  • first deposit ($10)

  • Pro purchase ($10)

made by someone you referred = money flowing your way!

Each event is additive. For example, if a user coming from influencer X installs the app, signs up, deposits money in the account, and orders a Mana Pro card, influencer X will receive $25 for that user.

Interested? Apply here!

Please keep in mind that you need at least 100 followers on the platform you decide to apply with.


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