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Pro Perks #1: Discord Nitro Classic – Get Boosted!

Keeping in touch without leaving the house had never been more important than in recent years. Chat, voice, video calls – all that lets us hang out with people no matter where in the world they are. There are seriously many programs supporting those, but one lies closest to our hearts at Mana: enter Discord, the community-building tool known and loved in the gaming crowd!

Creating servers for all purposes, be it just to coordinate your LoL squad or run a massive fanbase, is hands down the best solution to build a community and interact with it! Anyone can set up a server on Discord, but for that touch of extra, you need the paid version; not to worry though – Discord Nitro Classic was a must-have Pro perk for us. And we’re not talking discount, we’re saying it’s included!

Opting for Mana Pro gets you a full year of Nitro Classic 🤯 For 12 months, you’ll be boosted and able to upload a GIF avatar, use custom emojis everywhere (yep, all the embarrassing ones uploaded to the Fam server can now be used in your work/school one), drop files up to 50MB (as opposed to just 8), and customize your tag! Wanna show off your gameplay? Nitro Classic not only ups your screen sharing capabilities (720p @ 60fps or 1080p @ 30fps), but also enhances live streaming quality to 1080 @ 60 fps. And finally, you get a cool badge AND 30% off Server Boosts!

So go ahead, immerse yourself in your digital clique, flaunt the Nitro Classic options, win in any co-op coordinating on voice, throw watchamovie parties, never go outside again! You can still get Mana Pro at the discount price of $69.95 with our Waitlist promo!


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