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Pro Perks: FitGMR

Trying to level up but need some help to get your gaming performance to be top-notch? We’ve all been there… and staying up late while chugging energy drinks isn’t the solution.

Meet FitGMR! FitGMR is a program designed to improve gaming performance. Wondering how? Read on!

Why FitGMR?

We know that a gamer's physical health is just as important as their mental health when playing – that's why Mana has chosen FitGMR as its premier Fitness and Wellness partner! (So long to the typical stereotypes around gamer habits! 👋)

FitGMR focuses on 5 pillars of health:

  • Physical Maintenance

  • Mental Conditioning

  • Nutrition

  • Sleep

  • Lifestyle

“We want to change the stereotype of an unhealthy gamer and improve the longevity and performance of esports athletes.” – FitGMR Philosophy Excerpt

What’s that have to do with Mana?

We’re excited to be partnering with FitGMR to provide all Mana Pro users with a year-long subscription to FitGMR Pro ($100 Value). In addition to this we are offering the ability to purchase FitGMR Pro to all non Pro users through the Mana Shop! Want even more?! We’re working on integrating FitGMR and Mana apps, so you’ll be able to earn more points by completing health-related quests!

Make sure to check them out at the link below!


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