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Pro Perks: Surfshark VPN

Just like Bob Dylan said, “times, they are a-changin” … and while he wasn’t exactly singing about VPN’s and internet safety, the message still applies!

The internet is a constantly evolving space and protecting your data through this ever-changing landscape is important (to say the least).

👉Tired of being tracked across the web? VPN.

👉Working at coffee shops using less-than-secure public WiFi? VPN.

👉Unable to play on the same server as your buddy in Australia? VPN.

Here's the good news: opting for Mana Pro will get you ONE YEAR of access to Surfshark VPN, our go-to provider in terms of quality and security!

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network VPN companies provide you with an encrypted server that works to protect you on the internet.

(Do you know who in the world defeated Ip Man? VPN Man😉🥋 -- Dad)

Surfshark says: “A VPN like Surfshark works by routing your device’s internet connection through your chosen VPNs private server rather than your internet service provider (ISP). By doing so, a VPN changes your visible IP address. A VPN makes it appear as if you’re browsing from the VPN server’s location instead of your device.”

Simply put, a VPN turns your browsing private by making it look like you are anywhere but home. It can also help you stay secure when using public Wi-Fi, allow you to access more internet content and bypass restrictions such as government censorship, and ensure that your internet traffic isn’t recorded (or sold!).

How to Use a VPN

If you’re feeling like Andy (any Parks & Rec fans out there?) -- have no fear! With Surfshark VPN you get access to 24/7 tech support from their knowledgeable team. You can contact them by live chat, email support, or have phone chitchat with an expert!

How to Get Surfshark VPN

One of the many perks of signing up for Mana Pro is a 1-year subscription ($48 value) to Surfshark VPN. So if you’re ready to keep your data safe, protect all your devices, and safely use the open internet -- then sign up for Mana Pro!

Pro perks will be available once Mana launches later this Summer!


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