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Referral Program Upgrade

We want to celebrate YOU, the incredible gamers talking about Mana and introducing your friends and family to our brand! Therefooooore, we gave our rewards program a fancy upgrade!

Now, when you refer a friend to Mana and they successfully open an account when the app is launched, you AND your friend will be rewarded with $10 in Mana points! [If you’ve already referred friends to join, you'll get those points too 👌]

When will you get your points?

All rewards will be given out once the product becomes available AND you & your referees open accounts with Mana. You and the person(s) you refer must successfully open a Mana account within the Mana app once it launches to receive the reward.

When will Mana launch?

Mana launches this Summer! Our team is busy working on finalizing our app, connecting new games and filling the Mana shop with cool ✨stuff✨. Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter + Tik Tok for updates on our launch.

We’re so excited to share everything that has been in the works with you. Be sure to tell all your friends! Between the referral points, gaming, and subscription rewards, you’re not going to want to miss out!!

You’ll get points, they’ll get points, everyone gets points!


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