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Sons Of Valhalla Is Out Today!

Sons of Valhalla

Sons of Valhalla, a combat and base-building game published by Hooded Horse, (Against The Storm, Xenonauts 2) is out today! "When Thorald Olavson's village is burned down by Valgard, a Viking Jarl, he swears revenge. Not only that his father, a respected Viking, was killed in the devious attack, but also that his great love Raija fell victim to Valgard Varinsson. Therefore, he goes to England finding out what has become of Raija. Thorald soon realizes that Raija seems to play an important role for the English king and puts himself in ever greater danger ..."

Sons of Valhalla

We've been looking forward to this one all year. Hooded Horse's previous game, Against The Storm, was one of our favorite city builders of 2023. Sons Of Valhalla is following in the same vein, as it's looking to be one of the best sidescrollers of 2024! So, what are the defining features of Sons of Valhalla that make it so revolutionary? Let's get into it!

Sons of Valhalla is a hybrid of two amazing, unique genres. The game combines the fast, intense action of sidescrollers with high-level puzzles and decisions that can only come in the best of RTS'. The player is tasked with creating a militia of fellow Vikings to take to war against the enemy forces in England.

To do this, you must perpetually strengthen your soldiers by conquering nearby villages to gather new resources. At its core, Sons of Valhalla is a base-building game. By creating and upgrading buildings and villages, you can generate more resources, upgrade your storage, and enhance the quality of training for your soldiers. Elevate your humble villages into titanic fortresses that will help you succeed in your ambitious quest!

Sons of Valhalla

Of course, in this challenging and immersive world, enemies don't intend on sitting idly as you grow your campaign! In Sons of Valhalla, there is a heavy emphasis on fortifying your numerous villages against attacks from neighboring enemies. This is one of the most entertaining aspects of the game, as border towns often turn into hotly contested battlegrounds for you and your enemy to duke it out!

The combat in this game is one of its greatest qualities. Once you feel you've developed operational villages that can fend for themselves, it's time to lead your warriors into epic battles worthy of Odin! In combat, you're tasked with issuing orders to your troops, and keeping track of countless special abilities and formations available at your disposal! Break through enemy shield walls and lead the assaults of your soldiers as they fight for glory!

Sons of Valhalla

If you couldn't tell, Sons of Valhalla is a BIG deal! This epic sidescrolling base-builder by the veterans at Hooded Horse is one of the biggest games of April. If you are at all a fan of real-time strategy, epic battles, Norse mythology, or just a dang good game, then Sons of Valhalla is a must-buy!


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