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Spring Cleaning, For Your Phone!

With the change in seasons comes a prime opportunity to spice things up on your phone. We’ve created a list of things you can do to get your device running optimally and looking fresh!

Keep reading for all the info you need PLUS some free Mana-themed phone backgrounds for you to download!

Step 1 - App Clean Up

It is SO easy to download apps on the fly and forget they are on your phone. We recommend going through your complete list of apps to remove any that you don’t use. Things like that video editing app you wanted to try out… the game you never play… etc.

Step 2 - Out With the Old

Set a timer and give yourself a few minutes to clear out old text threads and delete duplicate images. These can eat up your phone storage with things you don’t need! Delete what you don’t need and keep the important things. Your phone will thank you.

Step 3 - Freshen Up Your Home Screen

Now that your device has less apps, consider rearranging your current favorites on your home screen(s). Add and remove apps from folders as it fits your lifestyle to really optimize your phone usage. The final touch? Switch up your background! We’ve created some Mana-themed options that are sure to make your phone feel brand new. We've even included some exclusive Damascus designs, so that you can match your phone background with your Mana card!

Tap any of the epic images below to access our WeTransfer folder and unlock your new wallpapers!

Mana Wallpaper

Mana Wallpaper

Mana Wallpaper

Mana Wallpaper

Mana Wallpaper

Mana Wallpaper


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