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Why the Damascus Steel?

Whether you’re familiar with its origins or not (Call of Duty doesn’t count), we can probably guess what “Damascus steel” brings to your mind. Strength. Originality. Luxury. A cool touch of metal and intriguingly foreign patterns. Crisp edges in a sleek design.

Those very connotations inspired us to create Mana cards; a bridge between wonders of the distant past and the technology of tomorrow. A timeless, unbreakable key to operate the future world. 🌌

The virtual universe we live in called for a design anchored in history. Despite being surrounded by legends, the Damascus steel was as real as it was precious – to forge it, people of the Near East imported an Indian alloy called wootz. Because of its specific components, wootz had unique banding patterns that were responsible for the water-like swirls 🌊 visible on Damascus steel (and our debit cards).

unique banding patterns ... responsible for the water-like swirls visible on Damascus steel (and our debit cards).

Looking quite magical (would qualify at least as an epic drop) with their one-of-a-kind motifs, weapons made using that technique well earned their reputation; Damascus steel surpassed all other alloys existing in the early centuries of CE in terms of durability and sharpness. ⚔ Such blades were light and flexible, and during the crusades, Europeans learned the hard way how superior Damascus steel was in comparison to the metals they knew.

Although we haven’t tried slicing anyone in half with our Damascus cards (*Twisted Fate entered the chat 🃏*), they were given the enchanted look and cool elegance of the famed alloy. The art of forging Damascus blades might be lost on us, but our version holds a different kind of power – the one to reward you with things you want as you do what you love. That, we honed to perfection.


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