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The Mana Summer of Shows Starts NOW!

Mana Summer of Shows

From a return to last year’s culinary masterpiece to a new high-stakes spy thriller set in the MCU, this summer looks to be an amazing one for television. With so many awesome shows coming out this summer, it’s almost too hard to pick which ones to tune in for. Here are the four summer shows that we are most excited for, here at Mana!

Secret Invasion (June 21st)

Secret Invasion

Image source: Disney+

The first Disney+ Marvel show of Phase 5 is finally arriving, and we could not be more excited! In this thrilling show that will finally shine the spotlight on some of the less featured MCU characters, Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) works to unveil a grand Skrull conspiracy to take over the Earth. Joining the cast is Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones). This six-episode spy thriller premieres on June 21st, with its final episode penned for July 26th.

The Bear - Season 2 (June 22nd)

The Bear

Image source: Hulu

This summer, Jeremy Allen White returns to the kitchen for the second season of The Bear, the show that took the world by storm last year. A stressful yet incredibly compelling series, this season is poised to up the stakes even higher, adding stars Will Poulter and Bob Odenkirk to the cast. All ten episodes of season 2 are set to premiere on June 22nd on Hulu.

The Witcher - Season 3 (June 29th)

The Witcher

Image source: Netflix

The third season of the hit fantasy series The Witcher is set to premiere its first volume on Netflix on June 29th. This will consist of the first five episodes of the season, while the final three will release on July 27th. This epic season is looking to be the biggest one yet, and will serve as Henry Cavill’s sendoff for his role as Geralt of Rivia.

Ahsoka (August 23rd)


Image source: Disney+

Star Wars fans rejoice! This summer, it’s finally time to resume the journey of fan-favorite character Ahsoka Tano, as she investigates a mysterious new threat to the galaxy. Taking place after her character arc on the animated show Star Wars Rebels, this Disney+ feature will premiere the first of its eight episodes on August 23rd.


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