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The Glorious Beginnings of Mana

The running joke is, Mana started because of a toaster.

Yeah. 🤷‍♀️

Many of us here, and – clearly! – plenty of you out there enjoy rewards. Scoring an elaborate coffee machine just because you stayed loyal to a store and kept using their card definitely feels-good-man. Airline miles or heavily discounted gift cards never hurt either. The free printer was good. And a slow-cooker. And a toaster. Who doesn’t love presents?

Honestly, it wasn’t the appliances, it was us – there came a point we got really tired of rewards programs targeting just about everyone. It’s like getting a pair of socks every winter holiday; not that socks aren’t useful, but it’d be so. very. nice. to finally get something even remotely related to who we are and what we like.

... there came a point we got really tired of rewards programs targeting just about everyone.

People like you and us – gamers, show bingers, virtual citizens – tend to be overlooked by all sorts of rewards programs. Car rental discount sounds amazing… unless you’re indoors, on your couch, living the best player life with a console by your side, wondering why on earth you couldn’t get something actually useful for that massive purchase of the game so-and-so you just made.

We created Mana to put an end to such sour moments. Thanks to our app, you get rewards tailored to your lifestyle for buying things you do want; gaming gear upgrade? 🎮 Go for it. Racer gaming chair? 🏎 Grab it. Favorite food delivered? 🍕 Quench those munchies. Mana will flow your way every time you spend money on your passion and not just necessities, because we know that doing what you love is where life is at! 💖

Could a deposit account get any better? Yeah, it could: it’s not all about money, at least not all the time, so you can count on getting Mana just when you play games, no shopping necessary. No gimmicks. No kidding. You do you and get rewarded exactly for that – being yourself.

TL;DR: It all came down to realizing there was no digital financial platform that entirely suited us and others with similar interests and lifestyles, so we went and created Mana.

So why pay any other way? Pay with power. It’s yours to wield.


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