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We’re On Spotify!

So your gaming buddy is jamming to some sweet tunes you can hear on the voice chat… Do you catch yourself boppin’ along? Head swaying? Feet tapping? Feeling like you HAVE to know what that song is?! Yeah… same…

That’s why we started our own Spotify account! Follow us to tune into the soundtracks you need for your gaming adventures. Stick to our playlists and everyone will be asking YOU: “Hey! What song is that?!”

Gaming Soundtracks🎶

This playlist is here to put swag in your quests, no matter the game! Get lost in the soundtracks you know best – between the growing crescendos and the violin solos within a classical tune … to the beeps + tones of 90s originals. Listen to our Gaming Soundtracks playlists and let the song decide which game you play next!

Cool Kid Status😎

For anyone who self-identifies as “cool” … this one’s for you. Turn up this playlist, and be sure to start from the top. If your life was a movie Sorry. BECAUSE your life is a movie, we’ve created this soundtrack to lead you through every adventure. Here’s a playlist for the tunes with just the right amount of edge, confidence and determination to give off that main-character energy.

Get Hyped🎮

Turn this playlist up loud when you’re ready to get HYPE! We packed it with nonstop energy, from start to finish. These songs are sure to get you feeling good & ready to kick some 🍑 👊

The whole Mana team has been pitching in to build out each playlist and fill it with music for all your gaming days, nights and everything in between. Be sure to follow us on Spotify so you don't miss a beat 🎶


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