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Welcome to Mana 2.0

We strive to better serve this community and improve the Mana user experience.

To evolve, we’re introducing Mana 2.0, a premier club for gamers and our biggest update yet! We’re taking the first step into creating this club with the aim to deliver better quality service and to maintain an even higher standard for perks.

Mana 2.0 will be released during the next month. This update will add club level service to Mana, improved customer service, better perks and an expanded shop.

Read on for more 2.0 updates!

Two Tiers of Mana

1. Mana Lite

With Mana 2.0, the free tier of Mana will not be offered anymore. Moving forward, any new member of Mana will get to choose between a Mana Lite and a Mana Pro subscription.

Mana Lite will be offered through a one-time payment of $34.95/year (equivalent to $2.91/month).

2. Mana Pro

The standard price of Mana Pro will be increased to $134.95/year, with boosted perks.

Current Mana Users | Please Read

Wondering how these changes will impact you? This section is for you!

  • If you currently have a free Mana account…

You will be grandfathered into the Mana Lite Program. Meaning, as a token of our appreciation for being one of Mana’s early adopters, you will be exempt from the Mana Lite fee ($34.95/year) for a full year. That year-long period begins the day your account is upgraded to 2.0.

  • If you’re currently a Pro Mana member…

You don’t have to do anything.

Once Mana 2.0 is released, you will automatically be upgraded into 2.0 at no additional cost to you for a full year and you will be charged on your membership renewal date.

  • You do NOT need to order a new card

You can continue to use the same card you already have. This new program does not change the way cards are issued.

  • You CAN still sign up to Mana at no cost or to Mana Pro at the current price!

This is your last chance, It is important to note that after 2.0 launches we will no longer offer a free Mana Membership and the Mana Pro Membership will not be available at the current 1.0 rate. If you choose to sign up for a Mana 1.0 Membership today you will automatically be upgraded to 2.0 where you can enjoy the enhanced features and services but you will not be charged the associated 2.0 membership fees (Mana Lite or Pro) for a full year.

Have a Question?

You can contact us by emailing or calling us at 1(833) 523-1337.


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