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Women And 50+ Dive Into Pandemic Gaming

We love to break stereotypes.

Mana goes against the long-outdated claims that work and play must be separated, or that rewards programs are rarely worth it; therefore, we get pretty darn excited whenever something “unusual” happens within the gaming and financial space.

Barclays, a UK bank, published statistics showing the biggest increase in games spending among women and 50+ in the UK since 2019! And just like that, the widely existing impression that gaming is reserved for kids and young men went straight out the window. Even if the increase in said spending was caused by the pandemic, it still makes for excellent news when the video games industry breaks the mold and limitations of the past; observing women and middle-aged (and older!) people getting into the hobby is surely something to celebrate!

We support gamers regardless of who they are, and if the global situation of the past two years resulted in your grandma joining you in CoD Mobile, then that’s the silver lining of those trying times!


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