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Black Friday in Mana Shop!

The holidays are officially barrelling our way! With just a few days left until Thanksgiving, Black Friday sales are rocking the shelves the entire week – including dozens and dozens (and more dozens) of discounted games in the Mana Shop 🤑

With so many titles, you’re bound to find something that will knock off those cozy slippers! Can’t decide? Here, some of the Mana team picks!

If your strategic mind can’t deal with the holiday chaos, turn-based gameplay makes for the perfect escape. Dreaming about launching yourself into space? Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus (75% off) has you covered. Set in the grim dark future, Mechanicus puts in your hands the most technologically advanced army in the Imperium! Sci-fi is not your jam? Absolute Tactics: Daughters of Mercy (15% off) will have you dive into a retro-gorgeous fantasy world filled with original quests and puzzles. Prefer to stick to a somewhat familiar environment? How does the peak of the Cold War sound? Decide the fate of the world in Phantom Doctrine (80% off), a thrilling game of espionage where no one can be trusted.

If you’d rather tweak the tempo, War Mongrels (55% off) is an intense, gloomy, story-rich RTS set on the Eastern Front of World War 2; alternatively, rack (and wreck) your brain in Monster Train (70% off), a crazy deck builder in which you’re, well, on a train – and heading straight for hell!

Staying on the monster topic, Monster Prom (69% off) can add a little spice to that turkey life… a delightfully ridiculous dating sim takes place in a high school full of, you guessed it, scary creatures, and you have just 3 weeks to land a bad🍑 prom date! Once you figure this one out, get back to reality with another sim: PlateUp! (30% off), a frantic, but still tactical cooking/restaurant management game. If you need a breather, try My Time at Sandrock (20% off the Early Access), a rich mix of life, building, and farming simulators with an RPG flavor to it!

Feeling more like getting away from it all? Transport yourself to the creepy world of GRIME (25% off), a platform/Metroidvania RPG where every weapon is alive and every enemy – a feast to fuel your vessel. Keep that fighting energy in Lords of the Fallen GotY Edition (85% off), a souls-like action RPG where one man stands against a vengeful god. More spooky vibes? Dying Light: Definitive Edition (67% off) sets you up for countless hours of fighting to survive in a post-apocalyptic world run down by a mysterious virus and filled with always-hungry zombies. Granted, if you’re hungry for them too, check out The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series (60% off) and follow the story of Clementine in this top-of-the-top interactive fiction.

Stay in the mood to shoot with Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 (50% off) and test your aim as you prowl the Middle East in some of the most challenging missions in the entire series. HITMAN™ 2 - Gold Edition (80% off) swaps camo for a suit as you become the legendary Agent 47 and track targets all around the world. Feel free to switch sides and assume the role of a private detective in Backbone - The Artifact Edition (50% off), a noir, story-rich adventure in a world inhabited by humanoid animals.

If you crave more of the adventure part, revisit an iconic franchise in Broken Sword 5 - the Serpent's Curse (60% off), catch a trail of a stolen painting, and uncover a murderous conspiracy. Siberia 3 (85% off) promises another fantastical journey, picking up the story of Kate, an NYC lawyer, whose voyage takes her to the other side of the world (also starring the last mammoths and an automaton named Oscar). For a more ethereal, whimsical experience play Aspire: Ina's Tale (75% off), a surreal 2D puzzle platformer following Ina on her path of self-discovery.

Has anything caught your fancy? Because we’re barely scratching the surface here… dig in the Shop to discover more crazy good deals before they’re gone as inevitably as that pumpkin pie.


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