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Buckle Up - Pacific Drive Releases Today!

Pacific Drive

The landscape of single-player survival games has just COMPLETELY changed. Developed by Ironwood Studios and published by Kepler Interactive, Pacific Drive has finally pulled up to the scene.

Highly anticipated by many gamers, Pacific Drive is a first-person driving survival game that shocked the world on September 13th, 2022, when it was revealed at Playstation's State of Play presentation. We were all instantly drawn in by its luscious graphics, intriguing premise, and ambient soundscapes. A year and a half later - Pacific Drive is finally here to claim its spot among the top games of February 2024! Here is everything you'll want to know about Pacific Drive before you're off to the races.

Pacific Drive Features Ambitious Gameplay

Pacific Drive is a bold take on many genres, offering an open-world survival experience coupled with a remarkably addictive rogue-like mechanic. Players are primarily tasked with preparing their trusty car for the perilous voyage ahead of them, upgrading it in every way possible in order to withstand the arduous, paranormal journey. The game is at its best when it confronts you on this feature - making you consider your every decision. Do you stay out in the dangerous Olympic Exclusion Zone in order to advance further and get new upgrades, or do you play it safe and call it a day (and possibly miss out on a few vital items?)

Olympic Exclusion Zone

"Do you stay out in the dangerous Olympic Exclusion Zone?"

A Gripping Story is at the Forefront of the Experience

The game takes place sometime in the 1990s, with the events of the story occurring in a fantastical rendition of the USA's Pacific Northwest - dubbed the Olympic Exclusion Zone. This eerie yet gorgeous landscape has long been abandoned and forgotten by most due to its dangerous and paranormal reputation.

But you aren't most people. Instead, you will play the role of an unsuspecting delivery driver who has somehow found themselves brought into "The Zone." Now that you're here, the only way out is to escape. To do this, you'll need to embark on voyages through the Olympic Exclusion Zone in order to scavenge resources to upgrade your car and garage. But beware! As you progress on your voyage, you'll come face to face with increasingly scarier entities that will stop at nothing to prevent your escape from The Zone!

Pacific Drive Story

"You'll need to embark on voyages through the Olympic Exclusion Zone..."

We know that by now, you're revved up and ready to embark on this exciting new alt-horror survival experience. The past few years have seen an absolute renaissance of these types of games - with DREDGE being our personal favorite! Pacific Drive is looking to be the next big landmark in this genre, offering a bold, innovative take on the survival experience. Be sure to pick up your copy of Pacific Drive in the Mana Shop to earn up to 10x bonus Mana for your purchase!


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