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Creator Highlights: June 20-26

Happy summer, everyone! We are back this week to showcase three more incredible creators partnering with Mana and expand the list of your favorite streamers!

Coach Cory

Brawl Stars player? If so, you need to check out Coach Cory! You can find him on his YouTube channel which amasses impressive 219K subscribers. Cory’s dedicated to providing funny and informative Brawl Stars videos, so whether you need some new tips and tricks for that level up or you just want to have a good laugh, he’s your guy!


SurfnBoy is a successful mobile gamer with a mission to help grow the community around the mobile platform. He mostly plays Free Fire, and makes funny content around that. With over 640K subscribers on Youtube, 78K on Twitch, and 1.7M followers on TikTok, SurfnBoy can boast a massive brand. With so much presence, just pick your favorite social channel and he’ll be there!


Kashman is a Clash Royale creator with a slogan you WILL remember: “If you like Clash, remember Kash”. Kash posts tutorial-like videos to his YouTube channel to help viewers up their Clash game, while on Twitch it’s him playing and always keeping it funny and entertaining. Kash has TikTok too – check it out for quick and hilarious videos with tips, reviews, and more!

That's it for this week, frens! Stay cool, stay inside, the sun is out to get you!


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