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Future Games Show at Gamescom: Highlights

The very next day after the Gamescom Opening Night Live it was time for another Future Games Show Powered by Mana! Read on for highlights of what was announced during the event 👇

  • The Gap (World Premiere) – reminiscent of both the movie Memento and Layers of Fear, The Gap makes for a gripping thriller where a rare neurological disorder robs Joshua of his memories. The only way to recover them is a bittersweet journey through parallel realities of deja vus.

  • Snaccoon – what’s a raccoon to do in a world without snacks? Not lose hope and keep diving in the trash, that’s what. The unsung hero of existentially dreadful memes becomes the next animal protagonist (any fans of tearjerking Stray here?) you just have to help.

  • Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon – back to the grim and gritty, Tainted Grail is an upcoming open-world RPG with Steam Early Access opening as soon as Q4 2022! Will Elden Ring have to scoot?

  • A Little to the Left – the cozy puzzle might be the most realistic cat experience out there. As you organize the household items, the destructive cat paw shows up to knock down, break, sweep off and destroy all your efforts.

  • Goat Simulator 3 – here’s a goat supe (Homelander go home), a dancing banana, and a fart-jumping tutorial:

  • The Last Case of Benedict Fox – two words: Lovecraft and Metroidvania, cooked in a Burton-style sauce and served as a reality-bending adventure, starring a homemade detective bound to a demon, and it’s all coming spring 2023. Whew!

  • Edge of Sanity (World Premiere) – more Lovecraft with uncanny visual design? Here’s a 2D survival horror set in Cold War Alaska, where you either put your brains into base managing and expedition planning or perish in myriad horrible ways.

  • The Great War (World Premiere) – determined to achieve the highest historical accuracy possible, this complex strategy title will let the player decide the fate of the 1914-1919 Western Front sometime in 2023.

  • Rooted – good news for fans of Valheim, The Forest, Rust, and other ruthless survival games: Rooted, all gorgeous on Unreal Engine 5, dropped a new gameplay trailer during FGS:

  • Stray Blade – no, it’s not our favorite feline picking up arms; there’s an adorable wolf-like creature involved though! Watch the first ever gameplay footage for this action-heavy RPG:

  • Crossfire Legion – the developer, Blackbird Interactive, launched Update 1.3 during FGS. The intense RTS set in near future now boasts new units, a new faction, and a level editor.

  • Off the Grid (World Premiere) – from Neill Blomkamp, the genius behind District 9, comes a dystopian battle royale game that will actually have a strong emphasis on the narrative progression. Watch the first trailer:

To see absolutely everything announced, revealed and updated during Future Games Show, visit our buddies at GamesRadar! And if you missed the show, watch the VOD here.

Til next time!


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