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Happy Friday the 13th: Top Horror Video Games in the Mana Shop

Friday the 13th Mana Card

Friday the 13th is upon us, and what better way to embrace the spooky vibes than by immersing yourself in some of the most horrifying video games on the market? The team at Mana has curated a list of our top four horror games in the Mana Shop that will send shivers down your spine. Get ready to dive into a world of terror and suspense with these terrifying titles.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

Resident Evil 4 Remake

Image source: CAPCOM

Releasing earlier this year, Resident Evil 4 Remake takes an already exceptional game, and ups it to another level! First of all, the visual overhaul is nothing short of extraordinary. Every detail, from the character models to the haunting environments, has been meticulously crafted to leverage the latest in gaming technology. The game boasts breathtakingly realistic graphics, bringing the eerie village, sinister cult, and grotesque creatures to life in vivid and terrifying detail.

It’s the gory graphics among many other features that allow Resident Evil 4 Remake to masterfully capture the very essence of horror. The carefully designed atmosphere, chilling sound effects, and strategic use of lighting also contribute to an unnerving experience that keeps players constantly on their toes. Even for players who have played the original, the reinvented pacing of the scares and suspenseful moments is impeccable, ensuring a heart-pounding and nerve-wracking adventure.

Layers of Fear (2023)

Layers of Fear 2023

Image source: Bloober Team SA

If you're a fan of psychological horror, then this year’s Layers of Fear is a must-play. Take a deep dive into the twisted mind of a troubled painter and explore a Victorian mansion filled with dark secrets. The game's atmospheric storytelling and visually stunning environment make it a unique and spine-tingling experience.

At its core, Layers of Fear is a chilling exploration of psychological horror. It immerses players in a surreal and ever-changing environment, where reality melds with hallucinations and fear. The game employs psychological tricks and mind-bending illusions to keep players on the edge of their seats, creating an atmosphere of perpetual unease and dread. Brace yourself for a harrowing journey through madness that will leave you questioning reality.

The Dark Pictures Anthology - Triple Pack

The Dark Pictures Anthology

Image source: Supermassive Games

The Dark Pictures Anthology - Triple Pack is a compilation of interactive horror experiences that exemplify the strengths of choice-based narratives in the horror medium. This anthology includes three chilling tales - Man of Medan, Little Hope, and House of Ashes. Each story presents a completely different experience, ranging from supernatural encounters to survival in harsh, underground environments.

In these games, the player is forced to make quick, real-time choices that impact the fates of their characters. There are very few games out there more adept at keeping you on your toes. The branching narrative system encourages multiple playthroughs, enabling players to witness different story arcs and outcomes based on their choices. This dynamic storytelling adds depth and replayability, giving players a sense of agency and involvement in the terrifying tales.

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series

Image source: Skybound Games

In the realm of narrative-driven horror video games, it’s hard to argue against The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series being one of the very best ones. The game stands tall as a colossus of narrative-based gaming in general, featuring the harrowing journey of Lee Everett and Clementine as they navigate a world overrun by the undead and face the harsh realities of survival. This definitive series includes all four seasons of the critically acclaimed game, providing the player with an emotionally charged and harrowing narrative.

The defining feature of The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series is the weight of the choices players must make. Every decision, whether minor or monumental, carries consequences that shape the storyline and relationships. These moral dilemmas force players to consider their own values and instincts, blurring the lines between right and wrong. The branching narratives result in a deeply personalized gaming experience, enhancing replay value and immersion.

This Friday the 13th, venture into the heart of darkness and face your fears with these spine-chilling horror video games. In the Mana Shop, we invite you to embrace the unknown, immerse yourself in these terrifying worlds, and test your courage. Are you ready to face the horrors that await you in these four games?

Happy gaming, and may your Friday the 13th be filled with fear & excitement!


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