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Holiday Sale in Mana Shop! ๐ŸŽ

Baby, itโ€™s cold outside โ„ So instead of freezing off your precious parts, stay in and game away! Just in time for the holidays, a wave of discounts of up to 85% off hits the Mana Shop ๐Ÿค™

Read on for a handful of recommendations! ๐Ÿ‘‡

Resident Evil: Village (2021, 50% off!)

Ethan Winters does not get a break โ€” set three years after the events of RE7: Biohazard, Village sees him thrown back into tragedy and horror. Finding himself in a gloomy and mysterious European village, Ethan must face never-before-seen monsters in an attempt to save his kidnapped baby daughter.

Arise: A Simple Story (2019, 75% off!)

What would you do if you could relive your life? Watch every moment replay, pause to cherish joys, rewind the happiest memories and perhaps skip the bad ones? Arise: A Simple Story is a deeply emotional journey of coping with tremendous loss, filled with bittersweet recollections, dreamy visuals, puzzles, and time manipulation.

Deepest Chamber (2021, 10% off!)

A good olโ€™ fantasy deckbuilder with roguelike elements, Deepest Chamber follows a group of guards and reformed thugs trying to get out of the cityโ€™s cursed underground. Explore, discover new cards and fight to make it to the surface in this easy-to-get-into, forgiving adventure!

The Great Ace Attorney: Chronicles (2021, 38% off!)

Set in 19th century Japan and Britain, Chronicles combines two Ace Attorney games, each featuring five murder-mystery cases tackled by the rookie lawyer Ryunosuke. Itโ€™s an interactive visual novel full of plot twists, investigation, examining evidence, court battles, and everything else expected from a stellar attorney!

Tails of Iron (2021, 50% off!)

Do not let the charming, hand-drawn visuals fool you! Tails of Iron is a surprisingly grim and brutal indie RPG where you assume the role of Redgi, the heir to the Rat Throne, and embark on a mission to destroy the usurper Frog Clan and restore your kingdom.

Thereโ€™s so much more for you to discover in the Shop โ€” donโ€™t miss the ultimate holiday gaming sale!


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