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Lunar New Year in Mana Shop 🐰

Happy Lunar New Year! The wise Rabbit presides over 2023 and is allegedly a king of good investments. How about we make a few of those by bunny-hopping into Mana Shop and enjoying discounts of up to 90% off? 🐰 Here, a few recommendations straight from the Mana HQ!

The Medium (2021, 44% off!)

An applauded psychological horror split between two realities, The Medium follows a psychic exploring a derelict communist resort called Niwa. If you’re after unusual, sophisticated scares, that’s exactly what you’re going to get here, along with a masterful soundtrack by Silent Hill’s composer Akira Yamaoka and Layers of Fear’s Arkadiusz Reikowski. The unique gameplay seamlessly combines the spiritual and physical worlds — the story unfolds simultaneously in both dimensions as you face puzzles and enemies only a medium could tackle. Prepare for a seriously dark tale, because whatever happened in Niwa, it’s not what people think.

SUPERHOT VR (2017, 40% off!)

You’re outnumbered and outgunned, with no hope to regenerate HP or find a convenient ammo pack… but then again time moves only when you do. A mindblowing combination of lightning-fast FPS and a logical puzzle, SUPERHOT enters the VR space to fully immerse you in its eerily elegant world where “reality” is what you make it. Pull off an absolute Neo as you dodge bullets in slo-mo!

Daymare: 1998 (2019, 60% off!)

Here’s a riddle: small town, security breach, a secret lab, a deadly chemical weapon, and a multi-character point of view… sounds familiar? It should! Daymare pays homage to the dark and intense survival horror games of the 90s. Follow a pilot, a forest ranger and an elite soldier as they fight to contain the situation, piece by piece revealing a complex plot and a conspiracy the size of which nobody signed up for.

Observer: System Redux (2020, 50% off!)

Part Bladerunner, part Giger-inspired horror and part a twisted dream, Observer: System Redux is a gem of a game that presents an alarming vision of the future. Assume the role of Daniel Lazarski, an elite neural investigator and a despised tool of a ruthless corporation; as an Observer, you break into people’s minds in search of leads and proof of crimes. But how long can you navigate someone else’s inner world before you lose your own identity? System Redux improves and expands the original Observer gameplay, making it one of the best remakes ever.


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