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Mana Beat the Blues Sale!

Beat the Blues Sale

Mana's Beat the Blues sale begins today! With seriously awesome discounts on many of our most relaxing and enjoyable games, this is one sale you don't want to miss out on! The Mana Beat the Blues sale runs from today until January 31st. Let's take a look at four of the very best games available in this sale!

Planet Zoo:

Planet Zoo

Image source: Frontier Developments

Planet Zoo stands out in our catalog as an exceptional simulation game that captures the essence of wildlife conservation and zoo management. Its stunning graphics and attention to detail create a visually immersive experience, allowing players to design and manage their own zoo ecosystems.

The game's emphasis on animal welfare and environmental conservation adds depth, making it a truly complex but rewarding simulation game. With a plethora of customization options, realistic animal behaviors, and challenges that test your managerial skills, Planet Zoo is a joy for both simulation enthusiasts and animal lovers.



Image source: Yogscast Games

PlateUp! is one of the best games in the Mana Shop, and takes the gaming experience to the culinary world, offering a delightful blend of strategy and creativity. The game's premise revolves around managing a restaurant, from menu planning to handling customer satisfaction.

What sets PlateUp! apart is its intuitive gameplay and the ability to experiment with various recipes and restaurant layouts. The game's charming graphics and engaging mechanics make it an enjoyable experience for food enthusiasts and simulation game lovers alike. It successfully captures both the challenges and joys of running a restaurant, making it a standout title in the simulation genre.

Golf with your Friends:

Golf with your Friends

Image source: Team17

Golf with your Friends brings a refreshing twist to the traditional golf game by infusing it with multiplayer mayhem and uniquely whimsical courses. The appeal of this masterpiece lies in its simplicity and the sheer fun of navigating unconventional obstacles with friends.

The game's easy-to-grasp controls make it accessible to gamers of all skill levels, while the diverse and creatively designed courses keep the gameplay exciting and fresh. The multiplayer aspect adds an unrivaled social element, turning each round into a hilarious and competitive experience. Golf with your Friends is a testament to the fact that a classic game can be reinvented with a dash of creativity and a focus on multiplayer enjoyment.

Moving Out:

Moving Out

Image source: Team17

Also from Team17 is the game Moving Out, a quirky and chaotic cooperative game that turns the mundane task of moving furniture into an entertaining adventure. The game's charm lies in its lighthearted approach, colorful graphics, and the necessity for teamwork. Players must work together to efficiently move furniture out of houses within a given time frame, navigating through various obstacles and challenges.

The game's humor and fast-paced gameplay make it a great choice for multiplayer sessions, emphasizing the need for communication and collaboration. Moving Out is a testament to how even the most routine activities can be transformed into a fun and engaging gaming experience with the right creative touch.

These games, among countless more, are on sale in the Mana Shop from January 25th to January 31st! Don't miss out - Beat the Blues with these amazing games from the Mana Shop!


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