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Mana Expands its Universe with Halo Infinite and Splitgate

Get ready for more FPS action, Splitgate and Halo Infinite are now available on Mana! Connect your Mana account to your gaming accounts to earn points while playing games you know & love.

Haven’t played Halo or Splitgate yet? Have no fear! We can tell you all about them before you begin. These two fast-paced FPS titles offer our users the chance to earn even more for their grind.


A sci-fi multiplayer first-person shooter, this game combines the classic gameplay of arena shooters with the mind-bending ability to create and destroy portals. With a diverse range of weapons and a variety of gameplay modes, Splitgate is another fast-paced and exciting addition to the Mana library that we know our FPS fans will enjoy.

Screenshot of Splitgate Game Play

Halo Infinite

The latest installment in the legendary Halo franchise, Halo Infinite offers players a captivating campaign and an expansive multiplayer experience. Set in a stunning open-world environment, Halo Infinite lets players explore new worlds and face challenging enemies, all while utilizing new weapons and abilities. Whether in solo-play or with a party, we know that the grind is going to be fun for everyone in the Mana community, so pick up your controller and get ready for more action, space marines!

Screenshot of Halo Gameplay


With the addition of these two games, Mana users can now access some of the most exciting and popular titles in the gaming industry all while earning rewards for their gaming activity.

Including receiving Mana points back on purchases made with the Mana card, exclusive access to gaming events, and more.

How to Connect Games to your Account:


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