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Mana Summer Sale Ends This Weekend!

Mana Summer Sales

Mana’s hottest sale of the summer ends this weekend! From thrilling horror games to immersive RPGs, a lot of the best games in the Mana Shop are only on sale for the rest of the weekend! Check out this list of our favorite games in the sale here at Mana!

Blair Witch (75% off!)

Blair Witch

Image source: Bloober Team

Based on the quintessential Blair Witch film series, this 2019 story-driven psychological horror game transports you to the eerie, foreboding Black Hills Forest. Play as Ellis, an ex-cop searching for a missing boy, and uncover a terrifying mystery jam-packed with eerie supernatural occurrences. Featuring intense visuals and horrifying gameplay, Blair Witch is one of our favorite horror games of the past handful of years. Ready to face the demonic forces waiting for you in the Black Hills Forest?

House Flipper (60% off!)

House Flipper

Image source: Frozen District

If horror isn’t quite your thing, then instead hop into the relaxing world of home renovation with Frozen District’s “House Flipper”! The ultimate house simulation game, players are tasked with transforming rundown properties into stunning dream homes. From thoughtfully selecting furniture to deciding paint colors, every choice is yours. "House Flipper" offers a unique blend of imagination and planning that will keep you playing for hours! Get ready to take your creativity to the next level as you turn shoddy houses into works of art in "House Flipper"!

Hunting Simulator 2 (70% off!)

Hunting Simulator 2

Image source: Nacon

Explore the world of hunting like never before in "Hunting Simulator 2" by Nacon. Experience the thrill of the hunt in gorgeous landscapes inspired by some of the most popular hunting regions of North America. With an array of weapons and tools at your disposal, this game challenges you to become a skilled and ethical hunter. Venture through vast ecosystems teeming with wildlife, and put your instincts and marksmanship to the test. Whether you're a longtime hunter or a newcomer to the sport, "Hunting Simulator 2" will satisfy your thirst for adventure and admiration of the great outdoors.

Cat Quest II (67% off!)

Cat Quest II

Image source: Kepler Interactive

An incredibly whimsical and engaging game, “Cat Quest II” takes you on a fantastical journey as you join forces with your trusty animal companions to save the kingdom of Felingard from a dark evil. Experience an exciting real-time combat system, and customize your magical abilities to defeat your enemies! Ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime in this larger than life RPG?


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