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New Games Have Arrived in the Mana Shop!

Games you can get in the Mana Shop

Over the summer we’ve been hard at work adding epic new games to the Mana Shop. Whether you want to survive the horrors of a terrifying Victorian mansion or suit up and take the fight to AI-enhanced dinosaurs, our new collection of games has exactly what you’re looking for! Let’s take a look at some of the best new games available NOW in the Mana Shop:



Image source: Team17

Trepang2 is the 2023 indie shooter game that took the gaming world by storm! Strike an exciting balance between stealth and violence as you make your way through both human and paranormal enemies. The combat system in this game (especially the awesome bullet time mechanic!) is unbelievably satisfying, and the engaging gameplay loop solidifies it as an absolutely triumphant shooter experience.

Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6

Image source: Capcom

No list of hot games this year is complete without mentioning Street Fighter 6. It may very well be the most welcoming and rewarding fighting game ever. A sleek, accessible game for players of any level, Street Fighter 6 is poised take the fighting game genre into the next generation! Whether you’re interested in an immersive single player campaign or an incredible online experience, this is the fighting game for you!

Layers of Fear

Layers of Fear (2023)

Image source: Bloober Team

Layers of Fear is this year’s masterclass in horror. Boasting downright phenomenal sound design, Bloober Team concludes its epic psychological horror series on a high. The game expertly ties together all of the loose ends of the series, weaving a sinister tale that’s bound to shock even the most experienced horror game fans. If you’re looking for a truly harrowing game experience, look no further than Layers of Fear.



Image source: CAPCOM

Exoprimal is our favorite PvPvE experience of the year. The game boasts a wide variety of compelling game modes, meaning it has something for every type of shooter game fan. The gameplay is fast and well optimized, and the story is surprisingly enjoyable to follow. The unbridled chaos of having to fight off ravenous dinosaurs and another team is enough to keep us hooked on this game for a while.

So… ready to see what else we’ve added to the Mana Shop? 👀 Then click the link below to access the Mana Shop from a mobile device!


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