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New Hardware and Merchandise Available NOW in the Mana Shop!

Mana x Best Buy

We have HUGE news to announce, Mana fam! We are massively expanding the selection of merchandise available in the Mana Shop with the help of Best Buy®. By teaming up with them, we can now offer PC hardware, gaming peripherals, phone accessories, and dozens of more tech items in the Mana Shop that will help you level up your gaming experience!

Peanuts Cheering

What does this mean for you? As a Mana user, you can now conveniently purchase Best Buy® products using your accumulated Mana. These amazing new additions to the Mana Shop allow you to cash in your existing Mana, while simultaneously earning you a boat-load of new Mana. What a deal!

Check out what our CEO has to say about this exciting news!

“The expansion allows Mana to offer the widest catalog of gaming and entertainment products available to consumers, serving gamers with more of what they want.” - Mana CEO Joe Zhou.

Upgrade your setup today by using your hard-earned Mana points toward hardware from Best Buy® including PCs, gaming consoles, and gaming peripherals such as headphones, mice, keyboards and gaming chairs!

P.S. Don’t forget to check out the other epic new additions that have arrived at Mana with Mana 2.0, such as the year-long subscriptions to FitGMR Pro and FirstBlood Premium. 😉

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