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New Year in Mana Shop!

New year, new ideas for games to boot up next! This time we’re looking at goodies from the legendary publisher behind Elden Ring 😍 But Bandai Namco has brought us hundreds of awesome titles — read on for six sweet suggestions on what to grab in Mana Shop!

Tales of Arise (2021)

Can a masked slave with no memories end 300 years of oppression his land has endured? Packed to the brim with action, Tales of Arise is a masterfully crafted fantasy jRPG that follows two liberators ready to stand against tyranny. Enjoy a rich story as the memories of the protagonist, Iron Mask, slowly unfold; what’s especially stunning about this title though is the drop-dead-gorgeous world you’ll explore. Utilizing a new technique inspired by watercolors and traditional anime, Tales of Arise is a feast for the eyes that massively won the hearts of gamers worldwide.

Scarlet Nexus (2021)

Switching from fantasy to sci-fi, Scarlet Nexus takes place in the near future (and alternate reality) where humanity managed to develop superpowers. That, however, attracted the Others — mindless mutants eager to snack on brains. In this flagship Bandai action RPG you’ll take control over two members of OSF (Other Suppression Force), both of whom wield the power of psychokinesis, and hurl those aliens out of orbit!

Code Vein (2019)

Let’s not forget about Bandai’s flair with souls-like games! Code Vein is one of them — a ruthless, but story-driven dungeon crawler with anime-style visuals. Rich character customization, countless weapons to choose from, and multiple different tactics to adapt make Code Vein highly replayable. It also features a co-op mode, so AI or a friend can tag along on a journey to the far ends of hell!

Little Nightmares 2 (2021)

Here’s a creepy world twisted by transmissions from a mysterious signal tower. You’re Mono, a boy trapped in this nightmarish dimension; with the help of a girl named Six, you’ll face both horrid creatures lurking around and clever puzzles to solve. Should you succeed, you might just discover the tower’s secrets, and who knows, perhaps even escape the reality of Little Nightmares.

Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom (2018)

Blurring the lines between an animated film and a jRPG, Revenant Kingdom features adorable, eye-candy graphics; however, that doesn’t take away from the scary creatures you’ll encounter. As a young king named Evan, embark on a journey to find a new land to rule — and to save your people from the rising ancient evil.

SoulCalibur VI (2018)

The latest entry in the legendary fighting franchise, SoulCalibur VI brings in jaw-dropping visuals, new mechanics to master, a fresh story to enjoy the single-player mode, and a guest character: Geralt of Rivia from CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher! Test your skills against other players online, or, using the Creation mode, build your own warrior to beat the hell out of everyone around.

So, what are we playing this weekend?


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