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The Capcom Sale is Live Now!

Capcom June Sale

Our biggest Capcom sale of the year has just dropped in the Mana Shop! With incredible discounts of up to 87% off, this is one that you don’t want to miss. From Street Fighter to Monster Hunter to Resident Evil, all of your favorite Capcom series are on sale now! With so many Capcom gems available, it’s hard to even know where to start. But don't worry, as we've put together a list of some of our favorite games in the sale:

Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle (50% off)

Capcom Beat 'Em Up Bundle

Image source: Capcom

Final Fight and Captain Commando in the same bundle?? We're pretty sure that that’s already enough to make this one worth getting. A collection of Capcom’s best arcade beat ‘em up games in their beloved original states, this online-capable bundle is a great pick for any type of Capcom fan.

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen (84% off)

Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen

Image source: Capcom

One of Capcom’s very best open-world games, Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is one of our favorite Capcom games ever. There are nine iconic classes for players to choose from, all of which are very distinctive and engaging (but our favorite is Ranger 😉.) With a wide range of content and an incredible combat experience, Dark Arisen is a must-have for any RPG fan.

Okami HD (50% off)

Okami HD

Image source: Capcom

No list of iconic Capcom series is complete without Okami HD. It is an absolute masterpiece, and one of our favorite games here at Mana. The game’s breathtaking ink art style is reason enough for anyone to try out this game. But combine this with masterfully crafted game mechanics and downright incredible level designs, and this becomes a game that everyone needs to pick up.

Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection Launch (67% off)

Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection

Image source: Capcom

Convinced you need more Street Fighter in your life after the truly remarkable Street Fighter 6? Us too! A celebration of all things Street Fighter, this Anniversary Collection is home to twelve of the greatest entries in the franchise. Play through the classic arcade modes in their original state, or take the fight online and play with friends. Either way, this collection is the way to go if you want the genuine Street Fighter experience!


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