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Weekly Shop Showcase #4

Black Friday and Cyber Monday weren’t enough? Worried you could’ve grabbed more deals than you did? We got your back! Mana never calms down with finding discounted games, so check out some of the titles you can still nab on sale 🤞

Blood Bowl 2, Legendary Edition (80% off): a sequel to the incredibly successful 2009 game, Blood Bowl 2 brings in even more absurd humor and wild plays to the crazy mix of American football and the Warhammer universe. This part turn-based strategy, part sports manager offers both single- and multiplayer modes; bring Reikland Reavers back to glory in a solo campaign, or put together a team in an online standoff. Choose from eight fantasy races: previously introduced Humans, Orcs, Dwarfs, Skaven, High Elves, Dark Elves & Chaos, or bet on the newest addition – Bretonnia! Regardless of your picks, there will be blood.

The Darkest Tales (15% off): when nightmares seep into the waking world, who’s the only hero we can really count on? Enter the childhood defender of just about every kid: the brave teddy bear! In this dark fantasy platformer, the little guy wields all the power we suspected him of as children. Join Teddy on a harrowing journey through macabre worlds of twisted fairy tales, swing twin swords made of scissors, rain needle arrows on the enemies, and save your now-adult human, Alicia, from demise.

Rise of the Third Power (35% off): a retro-themed gem from this year, Rise of the Third Power combines elements of jRPG and Western story-rich games in a tribute to the old-school console titles. Hidden beneath a fantasy setting is a complex plot inspired by Europe of the late 1930’s; RotP takes place in Rin, a land trying to recover from the Great War where the balance of powers is still deeply askew. Take control of eight heroes who undertake a suicidal mission of assassinating a dangerous emperor; as the clock is ticking, navigate the team between supporters and schemers, allies and liars, and tread carefully in a world spiraling towards more bloodshed.

There are tons of other discounted titles sitting in the Shop, ready for the taking! Be quick though, a lot of the sales end on December 4!


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