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Win a FREE Copy of Hairdresser Simulator!

Updated: Mar 7

Hairdresser Simulator

We have huge news to share with everyone! Hairdresser Simulator is out today on PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox Series X and Series S. Published by longtime veterans Frozen Way S.A. (of 'House Flipper' and 'Train Station Renovation' fame!), we've been looking forward to this release all year!

"Create new hairstyles for customers. Cut, dye, and style to perfection. Enhance your skills and master the craft. Run your business and renovate your salon. Generate profit, hire employees - aim to the top! Upload any portrait photo and try out new hairstyles thanks to the character creator!"

This game is absolutely delightful, creating an authentic and engaging hair salon experience like no other. You get out of this game what you put in, and the amount of freedom you have in this game is astounding.

Hairdresser Simulator

"...the amount of freedom you have in this game is astounding."

In Hairdresser Simulator, the choices are endless! From the lighting, to the chairs, to the mirrors, - Hairdresser Simulator has hundreds of options available, allowing players to curate their own ideal hair salon. You are even able to customize your own appearance! Get ready to spend hours playing around with the customization, experimenting with all kinds of chic and stylish 'dos. The best part? You can upload a photo, and the game will adapt it into an in-game model ready to be customized!

Hairdresser Simulator

Ready to get Hairdresser Simulator? Join our Discord server now and be ready for this exclusive giveaway at the end of the week!

We will be giving away TEN Hairdresser Simulator Steam Keys!


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