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Shop Showcase #5

Welcome back to the Shop Showcase! With a fresh wave of holiday discounts and new titles making an appearance, we’re happy to suggest great deals and games you wouldn’t want to miss ❄ On today’s platter:

Moo Lander (2022): between Goat Simulator 3 and Stray, the animal bonanza is joined by a bunch of bad🍑… cows. This visually captivating 2D platformer features hand-drawn levels and metroidvania elements; you can expect an epic plot, wild bosses, clever puzzles, and high stakes! Take control of a dramatic space mission aiming to find an infinite source of milk, the foundation of life and weaponry your civilization has run out of. Or, assume the role of valiant cow protectors and go against the protagonists of this story! Either way, Moo Lander makes for a seriously unique experience you can milk for over 12h, and that’s just the single-player campaign.

Kardboard Kings: Card Shop Simulator (2022): TCGs, or trading card games, have been around for decades and never lost their appeal. MTG, Pokemon TCG, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Digimon, KeyForge to name just a few, and then there’s the whole world of video games emulating the experience, like Hearthstone, MTG Arena, Gwent, and many more. So… how about a card store simulator? If you think that’s going to be a walk in the park, you’re sorely mistaken. Between appeasing customers, haggling with sellers, staying on top of an ever-changing market and creating an inviting space, you’re going to have your hands full! And then there’s the problem of a masked thief…

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle R (US) (2022): based on Hirohiko Araki’s legendary manga, this 2D fighting game stays faithful to the over-the-top, vintage style of original JoJo. With 50 playable characters from multiple storylines and a variety of game modes, you’ll quickly find out that All-Star Battle R is easy to learn, but hard to master!

SD GUNDAM BATTLE ALLIANCE (US) (2022): this is what you get if you mix top-tier hack’n’slash with mechs in a captivating sci-fi setting! One of the installments in the Gundam series, Battle Alliance makes for a fast-paced action RPG experience where you can crush your foes solo or with friends. See the crucial events in Gundam history, acquire and develop new Mobile Suits, and embark on missions to keep the timeline correct!

Thymesia (2022): in a bleak, harrowing world where the plague becomes a weapon, a mysterious protagonist known only as Corvus is the last hope of a dying kingdom. See him through a grueling journey to collect memories he scattered throughout the land and uncover the truth obfuscated by endless secrets. This dark, souls-like action RPG will have you face infested enemies, wield the power of the plague, shift into a monstrous raven, and customize Corvus’ fighting moves to create your very own playstyle.


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