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Creator Highlights: Dec 1

Spotlight on three more stunningly creative folks who joined forces with Mana!


There's no better source for all things Fortnite than TheLlamaSir! On top of the gameplay, he shares the most up-to-date Fortnite guides, Fortnite live events info, Fortnite leaks and skins, and everything else you can add "Fortnite" to. Not your jam? TheLlamaSir also rocks the Rocket League! Find him on YouTube and Twitter.


If you want to know CoD inside and out, Galex is your guy. His daily Warzone videos range from tips and tricks to hilarious loadouts built for him by other YouTubers, Instagram models, and even family members! Check out his YT channel, Twitter, TikTok, and Twitch.

Pulse Fire

Has that earlier mention of Rocket League got you hooked? Pulse Fire literally bends that game to his will. Crazy freestyle, crazier angles, breaking records -- he does it all! See it happening on YouTube and Twitch.

And that concludes this season of our collabs with talents! Huge thanks to every creator joining the party, and we'll be back with new names soon!


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