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Creator Highlights: Nov 25th

Here's a shoutout to another trio of extremely talented content creators partnered with Mana! If you weren't sure how to entertain yourself this holiday season, well... now you know.


Drumsy rocks over 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel and makes for one of the funniest voices in the VRChat space with his “virtual reality show for real reality people” formula. Check him out on TikTok too!

Big Puffer

Known for his comedic flair, Big Puffer tackles a wide variety of games, from the already legendary Goat Simulator to Warzone to Among Us. Find him on YouTube and Twitch, and for especially juicy highlights, here’s his TikTok!


Oddheader talks all things weird and obscure when it comes to video games: easter eggs, unused content, glitches and everything else you find yourself interested in around 2 AM. Binge his fascinating videos here!


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