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Creator Highlights: July 4 - 10

Updated: Aug 1

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Oh wait a minute… It’s… It’s CREATOR HIGHLIGHTS! Once again we are back to show off three more of our favorite creators that are partnered with Mana!


Do you love Brawl Stars? Because Kariostime freaking LOVES Brawl Stars. He loves Brawl Stars so much that he has dedicated his YouTube channel with almost 900K subscribers to the game. On Kairos’ channel he always finds a way to keep things exciting and fun while sharing strategies, tricks, and updates for the game. We think it's time you check him out!

TG Plays

TG Plays (AKA Typical Gamer Plays) is a super popular YouTube gamer with his channel amassing over 5 million subscribers (SHEESH)! TG enjoys playing games like Fortnite, GTA, Minecraft and more. However, most of his videos are him showing you tips, completing challenges or absolutely dominating in Fortnite. We love TG Play and you will too! Check him out!


Siefe is a professional gamer and self-identified nerd who creates a variety of content. He mainly streams his content on Facebook Live. Besides his fun gameplay streams he also does other stuff like build Legos. Not kidding - a couple days ago he was streaming himself building the Lego Darth Vader Helmet (my inner Lego lover screaming). So, if you like Star Wars, Fortnite, Warzone, Legos and more you gotta check this man out!


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