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Creator Highlights: June 13-17

In this week's installment of Keeping Up With The Creators, we are going to highlight three outstanding gamers partnering with Mana. So if you love Elden Ring, GTA V Roleplay, and Clash of Clans (and bunnies!), you’re gonna want to read this!


Don’t know Dan Gheesling’s Twitch channel? How about Big Brother? He’s the winner of the show's 10. season and the runner-up of the 14. season, and nowadays – a popular streamer. Watch him play Elden Ring and a variety of other games on Twitch, Monday - Friday starting at 9:30 a.m. EST!


Nakkida is probably best known for playing GTA V Roleplay, creating fun and compelling stories for her in-game characters! The main protagonist is a cop named Tessa Lamb; you can read more about her and other characters’ backstories on her Twitch’s About page. A huge animal lover, Nakkida also shows her cute pets on Instagram and we can’t get enough!

Beaker’s Lab

Beaker’s Lab is one of the biggest Clash of Clans channels on YouTube, boasting 1.41M subscribers. Aside from fantastic CoC tutorials, tips, and challenges, Beaker brings an absolute extra to the table: bunnies! In almost all of his videos, there’s a bunny cam where you can see the cute fluffball hanging out. Some people say you can’t have it all, but with gaming and bunnies, we beg to differ.

We're hopping off, see you next week!


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