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Creator Highlights: May 16 - 22

Another week, another [epic!] creator highlights post. This week we’re shining the spotlight light on three more amazing creators that have partnered with Mana!


If you love hilarious and high energy gaming content you need to check out SweeetTails. She is dominating on TikTok with over 2.3M followers and 67.6M likes. You can also catch her chatting and playing a variety of games on Twitch. How she does it all, we do not know. If you’re looking for a good laugh check her out!

Matt Kahla

Matt Kahla, Jr. is the go-to tech guy. Most of his following comes from his TikTok where he reviews all kinds of things from gaming hardware to everyday household gadgets. You can see what he is doing by searching his hashtag #kahlatalk on TikTok. So if you love finding new, cool, or odd tech definitely check him out! Visit his website to stay up to date.


Ceej, AKA ceej.thegamingweeb, is a gamer and anime fan creating some funny and relatable content on TikTok. He is a huge fan of HunterXHunter and One Piece. He also plays a lot of Apex Legends (lol same). His TikToks have accumulated over 5.9M likes and counting. Show some love to our friend by checking out his TikTok.

That's a wrap! See you again next week for another influencer highlight!


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